Spy Earpiece — How to Cheat in exams

A Spy earpiece is a great method to get you through an exam.  They call it cheating, but is that really the case?  College professors aren’t trying to teach you how to critically examine the materials you’re learning.  It is the prerogative of the collegiate environment to brainwash initiates, fact.  Take a class in Biology that’s entry level.  What are you doing?  You’re taking down notes, memorizing those notes, and then filling out a sheet with the things you memorized.  You haven’t learned anything about the function of biology in physical environments.  You haven’t learned why biology is important.  Shoot, you probably haven’t even read a single chapter in the textbook you paid $100+ for!


The professor knows, you know.  You’re both already cheating!  The certificate you get for that class is no measure of expertise in the field, but a measure of how well you can repeat facts as handed down from an «educator».  Whether or not those facts are factual, or based in the worldview of the professor in question, isn’t something you can really determine for a couple years.  But every post-grad you’ve talked to these days is writing off collegiate courses as bureaucratic hoops, not educational qualification.  Isn’t the educational system cheating you already?  Well if they’re cheating you, why aren’t you cheating them?


How to cheat in exams is something that actually requires critical thinking and perhaps more work than just regurgitating the material.  If you’re a sap.  Sure, you could stumble around with a bunch of answers written on a sheet of paper in your shorts, or you could scratch a few things onto the side of your number 02 pencil, or you could write things on your arms, or in your sunglasses, or keep a slip of paper with answers in your mouth and subtly pull it out when the professor goes to blow his or her nose.  You could do any of these Bugs Bunny shenanigans, or you could grow up and join the 21st century like the rest of us.


You’ve got a friend who needs some beer, and you’ve got a spy earpiece just collecting dust in your dorm-room.  Why’d you buy it if you weren’t going to use it?  Put that bad boy in and have your friend who needs the beer just read you the answers out of the textbook.  The professor is cheating you anyway; telling you you’ve got an education when you’re really just being brainwashed.


The collegiate system is cheating you by forcing you into debt you’ll never be able to pay off, and the world is cheating you in that any job you actually take will use like three percent of the collegiate shenanigans they forced down your throat at that Ivy-league institution; turns out what really mattered the whole time was the interpersonal relationships you made with the other students.


How to cheat in exams is something the professors mastered years ago, and still hoodwinked you into thinking you had a fair shake.  Who needs that noise?  How to cheat in exams is easy and inexpensive with a spy earpiece.  Pick one up and see for yourself.  The school system you’re involved with is already cheating you, and that’s just not going to stop.  Your best bet is to work 80 hours a week after that 4 year degree and get it paid off, with as few loans as possible; otherwise you’ll still be paying for a useless degree in your fifties, because that’s what the system wants: wage slaves.  Get ’em back.  How to cheat in exams becomes simple child’s play with a good spy earpiece.